The new Condor Axe : Devon Petersen Inspiration 3

The well-known "Zero Stress" formula, mixed with the African Warrior.

Everyone knows that Condor Axe flight are immensely popular, and that Devon Petersen has been full in the spotlight lately with his partnership with Shot. Luckily, the best of both worlds is now coming together with the new Condor Axe Devon Petersen flights!

The flight shaft system of the 21st century. Made with a newly invented type of resin. With spring-like flexibility. The 0.4 mm super slim flight, maintains a perfect 90-degree angle even when flattened using the fingers.

More flex than ever before. The flight also boasts unparalleled durability!

Furthermore, unlike the previous Condor flights, the stiff shaft allows for additional ways to group the darts.

So, what are you waiting for? Get the best of the best now!