Bull's NL launches new darts, flights, conversion points and electronic scoreboard.

You really can't miss these items.

After a while of silence at Bull's NL, they suddenly come back with a series of new items that will blow your mind!

Bull's has 5 new sets of darts! The Smoke 90% Red A, Smoke 90% Red B, Aviation 90%, Concord 90% and the renewed Maik Kuivenhoven 90% darts!

But that's not all, because Bull's also comes with the Aviation Conversion Points and the Bull's Touch Scorer

We're not used to such a big launch from Bull's, as they usually launch new products one by one, so we're in for a treat!

In this Darts Warehouse blog we discuss all new products one by one!

Bull's Smoke A

Bull's Smoke 90% Red A

A set of darts like no other. The Bull's Smoke 90% Red A is an addition to the Bull's Smoke range, and what an addition it is!

Combining a ring grip with an extremely detailed brick grip, this grip gives you a feel like you've never had in your hand before. Isn't the Bull's Smoke 90% Red A one of the most intimidating darts you've ever seen, complete with stunning crimson and black accents?

Bull's Smoke Red B

Bull's Smoke 90% Red B

At a lonely height. The Bull's Smoke 90% Red B adds to the Bull's Smoke range, and it falls right into place!

Combining a Phantom grip, incision grip and ring grip, this grip gives you a feel like you've never had in your hand before. The tapered back of the barrel ensures that your fingers are always in the same place. The Bull's Smoke 90% Red B is one of the most intimidating darts you'll ever see, complete with stunning crimson and black accents.

Bull's Concord 90%

Bull's Concord 90%

The Bull's Concord 90% darts are the first of their kind. With its extremely pointed nose, this barrel allows the dart tip to flow smoothly and effortlessly into the barrel. It is in this way that Bull's offers grip and aerodynamics previously unheard of in the dart world.

The barrel of the Bull's Concord 90% is made in black and silver, and ends with a black steel tip. And when the black Aviation shafts and Concord Flights are added, the Bull's Concord 90% has an incredibly sleek appearance. It looks a bit like the aeroplane the dart is based on.

Who knows, maybe your darts will be able to fly at Mach 2? ;)

Bull's Aviation 90%

Bull's Aviation 90%

We're pretty sure the Bull's Aviation 90% darts are some of the most stylish darts we've seen in a very long time. With a striking combination of gold and black with a touch of silver, this dart is sure to catch the eye when you're behind the oche.

But in addition to its striking appearance, it also has to feel good in your hand. Bull's goes to great lengths to make sure it does. The Phantom grip they have come up with for the Bull's Aviation 90% offers the ideal combination of grip and release for this particular dart. As there is no grip on the silver part of the barrel, you can use that as an anchor to make sure you always hold your darts the same way.

Bull's Aviation Conversion Points

Bull's Aviation Conversion Points

Almost every softtip darter gets the itch to switch to steeltip darts. Or maybe you just want to switch to steeltip at some point so you can play darts on a sisal dartboard with your mates? That is exactly where the Bull's Aviation Conversion Points come in.

This is the first time that conversion points are made from aircraft aluminium, and it shows. These points are clearly stronger than their counterparts from other brands. They also fit much closer to your dart, and that without an annoying rubber ring between the point and the dart. And they fit on every soft tip dart too.

The Bull's Aviation Conversion Points are available in a sleek aluminium silver colour, or in silky black. This makes them a perfect match for any style of dart.

As a soft-tip dart player, these points should not be missing in your arsenal.

Bull's Touch Scorer

Bull's Touch Scorer

Never count again with this incredible scoreboard.

Darts is an incredibly fun sport, but let's face it; counting your scores isn't the most exciting part of it. That's where the Bull's Touch Scorer comes in!

With the Bull's Touch Scorer, keeping track of your score is a piece of cake. Just tap the area where your darts landed, and the scorer does the rest. Check your scores on the clear multi-function LCD screen, and never worry about counting again.

The Bull's Touch Scorer has over 600 options and 32 games. And with a maximum of 8 players, you can have lots of fun with your friends. Because of its many features and ease of use, the Bull's Touch Scorer is an excellent addition to any dartboard setup!