All Eight Target Elysians Darts in one place; a rare occasion.

Welcome back to the Darts Warehouse blog! We are so excited to share a special moment that recently took place at our headquarters. One of our most loyal customers, Stani Brek, paid us a visit and brought with him the incredibly rare and exclusive sets of darts – all eight currently manufactured Target Elysian darts. Stani bought each one of these sets from our webshop! As you may know, these darts are highly sought after by dart enthusiasts all over the world, with only 200 sets made each year. We were absolutely thrilled to have the opportunity to see and handle these darts in person, and we knew we had to share the experience with all of our followers. Take a look at the darts below!

The Target Elysian 1

The Target Elysian 2

The Target Elysian 3

The Target Elysian 4

The Target Elysian 5

The Target Elysian 6

The Target Elysian 7

The Target Elysian 8

Thank you so much, Stani Brek, for making this incredible moment possible. Your generosity in bringing in a complete collection of the highly sought after Target Elysian Darts for us to see and handle was truly appreciated. We were blown away by the beauty and craftsmanship of these darts, and it was a pleasure to have the opportunity to see them in person. Your visit to our headquarters was truly memorable, and we are grateful for your support as one of our most loyal customers. Thank you again for this amazing opportunity.