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The Dart Arrow

Dart arrows consist of four parts: the point, the barrel, the shaft, and the flight. When you purchase a set of dart arrows, you're essentially paying for the point and the barrel. The included shafts and flights are consumable items and can break during darting. That's why we strongly recommend buying extra flights and shafts for your dart arrows.

By the way, did you know that dart arrows are also called darts or dart shafts? We usually use the term "dart arrows."

Which Dart Arrow Should I Buy?

The dart arrow you should buy depends on your level and preferences. You need to consider factors such as weight, shape, grip, and material. Brass and Nickel dart arrows are suitable for beginner dart players. In the hospitality industry, you often come across Brass or Nickel dart arrows. A more advanced or professional dart player would benefit from purchasing Tungsten dart arrows. So, what are the differences among these dart arrows, and which one should you buy? Allow us to explain.


Tungsten dart arrows, also known as wolfram, are made of a metal that is naturally heavier. Therefore, less material is required to achieve the same weight compared to, for example, a brass dart arrow. Due to the reduced material, Tungsten dart arrows are also thinner. Professional dart players benefit from this when aiming for a clustered grouping on the dartboard, such as the triple 20. In short, there is more space to throw darts closely together in specific segments. Another advantage of Tungsten dart arrows is that they experience fewer bounces.

Tungsten dart arrows always have a percentage specified in the specifications. The tungsten percentage can vary from 70% to 97%. The higher the percentage, the shorter or slimmer the dart arrow. However, higher percentages also make the dart arrows more fragile.


If you're looking to buy more affordable dart arrows, you'll find Brass arrows to be a suitable choice. Brass refers to the material brass, which is made of copper and zinc. Brass dart arrows have thicker barrels, making it more challenging to place three darts in the same segment. For a beginner dart player who enjoys throwing darts for fun, this may not matter much. Perhaps hitting the triple 20 once is already a significant achievement. So, purchasing a Brass dart arrow can be a great choice if you're still a beginner.

Nickel Silver

Nickel Silver dart arrows are usually lightweight and characterized by their silver-colored appearance. These dart arrows are slightly thinner than Brass arrows but not as thin as Tungsten arrows. This makes them particularly suitable for recreational dart players who regularly throw darts at the dartboard.

Buying Cheap Darts

Brass and Nickel are ideal if you want to buy affordable dart arrows. Does this mean that cheaper dart arrows are of lower quality? No, the difference primarily lies in the thickness of the barrel due to the material used. Depending on your skill level, grip, and preference, Brass or Nickel dart arrows will suit you. The cheapest dart arrows are available for less than €10, which is an excellent price to try out what suits you or serve as your first set of dart arrows.

Buying Professional Darts

When purchasing professional dart arrows, you'll quickly come across Tungsten darts. These darts are thinner but weigh the same as other arrows. Dart arrows for professional use are often shorter or slimmer, providing more space to group them together in specific segments. You can also buy special dart arrows endorsed by players, including those available in our collection. We have Michael van Gerwen dart arrows, Raymond van Barneveld dart arrows, Phil Taylor dart arrows, Gary Anderson dart arrows, Gerwyn Price dart

The weight

The weight of dart arrows is a determining factor in finding the right one for you. Dart arrows can range from 12 to 37 grams. Professional darters often throw arrows weighing between 18 and 26 grams. A slightly heavier dart arrow usually has a more stable flight and places less emphasis on throwing technique. If you're a beginner, a dart arrow weighing between 24 and 26 grams is suitable. As you play more, you can experiment with different weights to find what suits you. However, it's not recommended to make a drastic change from 30 grams to 15 grams as it requires a different throwing technique. It's advisable to switch weights in small increments. Additionally, 24 grams is the most commonly chosen weight to start with.

What weight dart do I need?

As a beginner, it's best to choose a dart arrow weighing 24, 25, or 26 grams. These slightly heavier arrows are suitable for recreational darting. If you're an experienced darter, you can opt for a lighter weight. It's not recommended to make a jump from 26 grams to 16 grams. It's better to transition gradually, with weight reductions of 1-3 grams, to learn how to throw with a lighter dart arrow. Therefore, the weight of a dart arrow depends on your skill level and preference.

Dart arrow set

Dart arrows are available both as individual components and in sets. A set typically includes darts, flights, and shafts, providing you with complete dart arrows in one package. Some dart arrow sets also come with a protective case for easy transportation and storage of your darts. If you prefer to customize your own arrows, you can choose to buy individual flights, shafts, and darts.

Steeltip or soft tip darts

The difference between steeltip and soft tip arrows is easily explained and has a logical reason. Soft tip points are specifically designed for electronic dartboards and have a softer plastic tip. Steeltip darts are used with regular dartboards and are made of metal. Always make sure to check what type of board you're playing on and choose the appropriate dart arrows accordingly.

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Advice on buying darts Online

purchase of darts has become quite common. If you have doubts about the weight or type of darts, you can always rely on our advice. Contact our customer service, and they will guide you in choosing the ideal dart arrows for you and explain the reasons behind their recommendations.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are always common questions about dart arrows. Here are a few we can answer for you.

How do you hold a dart arrow?

Hold a dart arrow loosely to allow for a smooth throw. Gripping the dart arrow too tightly can reduce your control during the throw. The point of the dart should be slightly elevated. This helps maintain stability during the throw. If the point is directed downward, the dart arrow may wobble. Generally, you hold the dart arrow at its center of gravity to keep it balanced during the throw, which enhances precision. A dart arrow is usually thrown using at least three fingers

What are the best darts for beginners?

The best darts for beginners are often Brass or Nickel darts. These darts are typically a bit thicker and easier to throw if you don't have good technique or are not an experienced player. Beginners should consider choosing darts with a weight around 25 grams and later experiment with lighter darts and other materials.

Which darts are good for me?

As a beginner, we recommend choosing Brass or Nickel darts weighing between 24 and 26 grams. If you're ready to take the next step with your darts, you can opt for a lighter weight. Throwing lighter darts requires a different technique. As for the color of flights, that's entirely up to your personal preference.

What should you consider when buying darts?

Buying darts requires attention to various factors. Look at the material, weight, shape, and grip of the darts. In addition to considering your skill level and the intensity of dart usage, personal preference also plays a role.