Dart items are ideal for promotional purposes such as business gifts.
There is an increasing demand for personalized dart items in larger quantities. We can also be of service to you here!
We are able to supply more and more articles with a logo - your logo or that of your customer - so that your brand awareness will grow!
Some articles even have a full-color logo possible! In our experience, the final recipient is very satisfied with the gift received.
Of course you can always request a quote from us without obligation. If we have received your specific wishes, we can quickly let you know what the price is for that number and within what time frame any delivery can take place. A larger purchase will in many cases result in a sharper price. We can inform you about this.
If desired, you can put together a suitable package for you (your customer) within our articles.

Examples include a Dartboard, a Cabinet and 2 sets of darts. In most cases we can provide these items with your logo.

Items suitable and popular as a promotional item include:
- Dartboards
- Dartboard Surrounds
- Dartboard Cabinet (sets)
- Dart mats
- Whiteboards
- Dart arrows
- Dart flights
- Dart storage cases

We are happy to help you with your request! Don't hesitate to contact us!