The MOD System by Target Darts reimagines your dart set up in every way possible.

Modular design to suit every player’s needs; MOD allows you to create the oche setup that you need, for your space.

8 Items

Set Descending Direction
  1. Target Mod Hub UK/EUTarget Mod Hub UK/EU
    Target Mod Hub UK/EU
  2. Target Mod MountTarget Mod Mount
    Target Mod Mount
  3. Target Mod MatTarget Mod Mat
    Target Mod Mat
  4. Target Mod RailsTarget Mod Rails
    Target Mod Rails
  5. Target Mod StandTarget Mod Stand
    Target Mod Stand
  6. Target Mod LightTarget Mod Light
    Target Mod Light
  7. Target Mod SurroundTarget Mod Surround
    Target Mod Surround
  8. Target Mod Tablet MountTarget Mod Tablet Mount
    Target Mod Tablet Mount

8 Items

Set Descending Direction
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Build it your way.

Some key features of this unique system are:

  • Mechanical board turning – no need to remove your board when turning up to 10 times.
  • Power outlets integrated inside the hub.
  • Solid fixing points for all of your accessories.
  • Modular design allows users to set up the system to suit their needs.
  • Ability to add, change and remove accessories depending on your game.
  • Continued development of the MOD system means there’s always something new on the horizon.

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