The famous logo of the Dutch dart brand Bull’s alone makes many professional darts players water in the mouth.

Bull's was founded in 1979 by Dick Boel, owner and founder of Embassy Sport who initially gave the brand the name “Bull's Darts”.

Since the end of 1979, the brand has been operating under the world-renowned name “Bull's”.

The renowned logo - the red bull with wings - has been used since the eighties.

Nice detail is that the Bull's logo was designed and restyled by Peter Balassa who gave the bull the wings / wings.

The Bulls logo was first applied to Bull's dartfights and later as the brand broadened to include darts and other Bull's accessories.

Bull's is known for its dartboard the "Advantage". This dartboard has fully inlaid wiring, which means fewer bounce-outs and higher scores!

Dart enthusiasts know how to value a darts label like Bull's, the Bull's Shark darts and the Phantom Grip darts are the most famous darts of Bull's.

Especially for you, Darts Warehouse has included all Bull's steeltip darts and the Bulls Softtip Dart darts in different weights in the webshop.

The fact that the Dutch brand Bull's still makes innovative and trendsetting darts has ensured that Bull's is now available worldwide.

Bull's ; "The Darts in the Air."

Bulls Dartartikelen Kopen