Unicorn Eclipse Ultra Dartboard

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Professional Unicorn Dartboard

The crème de la crème of dartboards; the Unicorn Eclipse Ultra. This dartboard is packed with new features and improvements, including;

  • Made with Ultra-Sisal; upgraded fiber for better board recovery and longer life!
  • The Ultra-Vision number ring; for extra clarity and focus!
  • The Unilock; an innovative locking system that makes sure the board never wobbles again, even on skewed walls!
  • The Ultra Bull's Eye; this bull's eye is 33% less embedded in the board, greatly increasing your chances of hitting the 50 & 25!
  • The Ultra Spider; this spider is 33% less embedded in the board, which increases your chances of hitting the doubles & triples!

All this makes the Eclipse Ultra the ultimate Unicorn dartboard to play on. It is therefore not surprising that the PDC has given their approval to this board. Do you want the best of the best? Here you have it.

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