April Newsletter

 Hi everyone, welcome our latest newsletter.  Over the next couple of months we will have lots of new exciting product arriving, starting with Cosmo products from Japan -  Fit Flights and shafts .. read on to find out more.  


Cosmo Fit Flights

The Fit Flight is the most innovative Flight and Shaft System. Common Flight Shapes are installed by pushing the full flight system onto the shaft, creating a complete unit. This New Push-In system is manufactured to the highest specification creating perfect results every time. The Fit Flight System eliminates Robin Hooding as the top flight unit is an all in one.  These flights are to be used with the Fit Shaft only.  View Cosmo Fit Flights


Cosmo Fit Shafts

A great new range of colours are now available in spinning and locked.  These are manufactured from 100% plastic resin, the spinning and locked shafts are so precise that they fit perfectly with the Fit Flights. Once you use Fit Flight & Shaft, you will see how good they are! 

Lengths available in: #3 24mm, #4 28.5mm,  #5 31mm and #7 38.5mm - View  Cosmo Fit shafts


Cosmo Fit Point plus

Cosmo Fit Point PLUS points are designed to stick  better in the board in a variety of situations. These points are a masterpiece of soft tips produced by Cosmo Darts.

Points are 2BA thread 25mm length from point to thread (not including thread).  Included in pack - 50 tips.   Colours available -  white, black, blue, red and yellow.

View Cosmo Fit Point Plus Points

 Spectrum Dart Case



The Spectrum Dart Case is the ultimate dart case for both soft and steel tip darts.  

The Spectrum Dart Case includes a clear black plastic dart holder which allows your darts to be fully assembled and ready for play, a carabiner for ease of attaching and handling, tip and shaft holders, zipped compartment for storage of spare accessories, a slot for a players card and is also compatible with Krystal case, Krystal ONE, Cameo Drop Sleeve and Fit container. 

View Spectrum Dart case

Darren from Dartznut reviews the Spectrum Dart case...

"This case has quite an abundance of storage options and seems nice and robust overall. Also compatible for use with Krystal case, Krystal ONE, Cameo Drop Sleeve and Fit container.

Its a fairly compact case too, not much bigger than your darts when fully set up I measured the length at approximately 170mm about 6 and 3 quarter inches and about 70mm wide or just short of 3 inches.

Its a good versatile case which has a neat look! ... Darren Dartsnutz


  Featured Darts


Grafix Steel and Soft Tip Darts

Manufactured from  90% and 80% Tungsten, Grafix barrels have a base coat applied and then the base colour. The selected design film is then applied to the dart barrel as a fluid coating to the base coat ensuring a unique finish.  Very unique designs and no two are exactly the same.  The coating will wear with extended use.

Check out the range of Grafix steel and soft tip darts here  - these are limited stock!


Scotty Burnett Steel and Soft tip Darts

North American Champion and Shot! Ambassador Scotty Burnett has been playing darts since he was 16 years old winning the North American Championship in 2009 leading onto a sponsorship with Shot! Darts.  Scotty has travelled all around the world to play in many prestigous tournaments and recently Scotty's son Tyler Burnett following in his Dad's footsteps signing to Shot!s Young Guns programme.

Scotty's range of darts are designed and manufactured by Shot! in conjunction with Scotty.  Scotty's ranges include Version 2 and Version 3 in front weighted and back weighted darts.  Shown here are Scotty Burnett Version 2.   Check out Scotty's full range here

Scott Burnett V2

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